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IT Solutions in London

IT solutions directs businesses to the path of success. Almost every business is benefiting from IT solutions. Without the integration of information technology, business is less likely to go far and make progress. In this digital world, IT is considered as the backbone of business. It has changed the ways of managing organisations. Let it be storing, transferring or retrieving data, any business information can be supervised and secured via digital means.

IT Solutions in London to Accommodate your Business Requirements

We offer an array of IT solutions in London to accommodate your business requirements. The rising demand for IT has consequently increased the demand for IT specialists. We, being qualified and experienced professionals, offer our services to help your business maintain its functionality. Our vast knowledge and expertise have made us capable of managing all IT-related processes. Whether you want to monitor, manage or support your systems, we are here to help.

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What We Do?

The IT Solutions Offered By Us Include The Following, Just To Name A Few:

  • In-depth analysis of your systems and suggestions for its improvement and cost-effectiveness

  • Building implementation plan

  • Network management

  • Software development and installation

  • Commissioning and testing

  • Database administration

  • IT Support services to identify and resolve issues

  • Helpdesk and onsite support

  • Cloud solutions

  • Phone and connectivity installation and management










Specialists in Technical Support, SEO and Web Development

We also specialise in web development and SEO service (search engine optimisation). We create websites that represent you and your business. This could be a simple 1 page brochure website or a complex system, we are more than happy to accept challenges.

IT Solutions

Web Development

Websites are a vital advertising tool for every business. In this digital era, people are becoming more inclined towards searching for services on the internet. For a business, this could be collecting client information, buying products or hiring professional services.

At Suncode, we develop professional websites using SEO optimisation techniques for your business which will help rank well within search engines. Websites are influential tools which can help you connect yourself with your target audience. It can help you promote your brand among a wider range of people on the internet at a global level. Our aim is to create an informative, SEO optimised, and engaging website that not only attracts users but compels them to choose your products or services over others. Your website should be able to drive organic traffic to help enhance your profits above and beyond expectations.

IT Support

We are a dedicated and talented team delivering a very high standard of IT support to ensure your IT infrastructure runs efficiently. Our IT support packages offer an array of services that focus on monitoring and management of environments, IT remote support, user support issues and helpdesk support. We proactively scan and monitor systems to catch issues before they cause outages or inconvenience to you and your business.

Our aim is to help businesses secure considerable profits without spending a lot of time and money. Our support services are specifically designed and offered to assist you in enhancing productivity while reducing your costs. We understand the importance of technology within an organisation no matter how big or small you are it can impact the flow of your business processes.

At Suncode, we offer a range of tailored IT support packages to fulfil your business needs, contact us to find out how we can help. Let us look after your IT needs allowing you to focus on your competencies.

IT Consulting

At Suncode, our IT consultants have years of experience dealing with IT systems within a small to large cooperate organisation. Being specialists we advise how to use information technology to get the best for your business to grow in the right direction. Our consultants will suggest the right IT solution to help you leverage technology to achieve your business targets. Let it be estimation, management or administration of your IT networks, our consultants have the competencies to deliver your requirements at a cost that’s right for you.

They will assist in determining and analysing the technical system requirements and recommend appropriate hardware and software required for your business.

SEO Services

We are equally concerned about your business value. Our aim is to bring you closer to your prospective clients. We put in every effort to enhance your online presence. You can rest assured that we will take your website to the highest positions possible in search engines.

Our SEO service offers a range of affordable SEO packages that offer an integrated strategy for getting your website ranked in major search engines. Suncode SEO packages aim to help businesses increase their web presence to ensure they are found on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

We perform keyword research, content writing and marketing, competitor analysis, code optimisation, link building and other strategies to assist you to generate volumes of leads and new customers. Suncode SEO Service contributes to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Application Development

Our application development service is one of the best ways to help you accomplish your marketing goals and business objectives. We have developed an array of applications, each being unique, compelling and informative. Our developers, being IOS and Android application specialists leave no stone unturned in delivering the best for your business. We will deliver an enterprise-level application without compromising on the quality and user-experience.

At Suncode, we believe in creativity. We do not create applications overnight. We think differently, choose the best strategy for your application and keep optimising our way of working and improving our strategies to come up with something new each time.


Our connectivity services offer a range of reliable data solutions that connect businesses to the Internet. We help connect multiple sites and remote workers to your business network streamline your processes. Suncode will install, manage and maintain your connectivity lines to ensure a reliable and secure service.

We help organisations quickly scale to meet the expansive connectivity needs of a network without sacrificing the availability of their existing infrastructure. Contact us to get superfast internet connectivity and data transport from our network.

Broadcasting Services

Suncode broadcasting services in London provides high quality broadcasting services to TV channels and IPTV providers around the globe. Our broadcasting services enables you to broadcast live events from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Send perfect high quality video to your control room in real-time using any standard broadband connection.

Suncode has delivered a number of live events using IP video delivery technology to TV channels located around the world. Our infrastructure is setup and ready to send live production streams for your business.