Business Connectivity

To make your business a successful enterprise, it is vital to have a business internet access which allows you to stay in touch with other businesses, clients, workforce and colleagues. Thanks to technology and the internet this has made things easier for businesses to successfully run their organisations progressively and in an organised way. Our business connectivity options offer an array of opportunities that a business can avail to become more productive and profitable.

Over time the importance of having a business grade internet connection has grown. It is important to incorporate a solution which is right for your business so you can offer your clients the right level of service required. With our internet services, businesses can rely on a strong, secure connection that works without disruption.

Offering a Range of Business Internet options

At Suncode, we offer a range of business internet options that can boost your business performance. We understand how important it is for a business to run the work processes and interact with customers on a daily basis. Our aim is to offer you a stress-free experience through our solutions.

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Internet Solutions In London

You can rest assured that all your business connectivity needs will be delivered, maintained and supported. We are here to bring forth all the internet connection solutions under one roof.. Let it be fixed lines and calls, business broadband, leased lines, SIP trunking or analogue lines, we have all the solutions to support you. You don’t have to deal with a range of service providers when we are here for you!










Why Is Connectivity So Important?


Connectivity is an important element which contributes to running the core processes of any business efficiently and in a timely manner. We ensure the right solution is deployed to your business and managed with minimum or no stress by our team.

Upload and Download Speed

Nowadays, businesses heavily rely on the internet so they can communicate with employees and clients around the world. This could mean sharing important documents with existing and potential clients as well as colleagues. Ensuring a good business connectivity allows a great upload and download speed, allowing the workforce to communicate and share crucial information without any delay.

Conduct Interrupted Webinars

A reliable business internet connection plays its part in helping business owners make the most of the digital mediums by conducting webinars or business meetings online. It allows them to perform critical tasks without the hassles of leaving the office.

Business Broadband Internet Services

We aim to make our business internet solutions affordable, reliable and scalable. We assess your needs; identify the right technology to address those needs, and provide a total communications package.

Our Business Internet Connection Services


A good broadband connection means greater capacity to send and receive data. It ensures a faster speed and quicker transfer rate of files to and from your systems.

Our broadband service allows you to have a hassle-free access to internet, enabling you to browse, send emails and do all the essential tasks online. One of the benefits of broadband is that it is always “on”. You don’t have to wait for the connection to develop to start your work. It helps you to save time and use internet without any fuss.

Business Broadband

Business broadband is one of the widely-chosen services by small business owners, and the reason for this is that it comes with an array of benefits any business can enjoy. At Suncode, we offer business broadband to help businesses keep the pace. It provides faster speeds as compared to home broadband. When your business depends on it, you need an internet service that really makes the grade.

Assured Broadband

Our assured broadband ensures quality voice calls. The dedicated IP circuit supports IP telephone services. It comprises of everything required for high-class IP telephony such as Cisco router and a business-grade broadband connection.

Assured broadband is the best option for small to medium sized businesses. It is a cost-effective solution and can handle 5 to 30 calls being made simultaneously.

Ethernet first mile (EFM)

Ethernet first mile has great advantages over fibre leased lines. It is a cost-effective leased line technology serving the purpose of bringing connectivity within businesses. It comes up with symmetrical bandwidth with up to 20 Mbps upload and download Mbps speed.

We strive to contribute towards your growth by offering uncontended internet connections for your business. EFM is a great solution for multi-site businesses. It offers great solutions for companies that regularly upload files to hosted servers.

Leased Lines

Leased lines are a fixed bandwidth connection sometimes used to link two locations, with guaranteed upload and download speeds. It’s like having your very own pipe, capable of carrying enormous amounts of data.

Our leased lines are dedicated as well as symmetric. They ensure a quality service and high speeds.

SIP Trunking

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunking supports the connection of private branch exchange (PBX) to the internet. It facilitates the interconnection between private and public domains.

Our SIP trunking service offers a less expensive and resilient phone service. The benefits of SIP trunking include cost-effectiveness and smooth communication. With our service, you eliminate the hassles associated with hardware, circuits and wiring.

Analogue Lines

At Suncode, we also offer analogue connections for devices such as telephone or fax to the telephone network. Analogue lines have been used by businesses for years, and the reason for their popularity is their reliability and quality voice calls. They can be used as a single line or can be combined to create multiple lines sharing the same telephone number.

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